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Education Management Information System (EDVES BASIC)

Education Management Information System (EDVES BASIC)

This is an Education Management Information System with cloud computing as its base for operation. It is designed for the effective management of School’s processes. The application allows easy configuration to suit school’s specification. The user friendly interface ensures a pleasant user experience.


User Management

Manages user activities and privileges.

Students’ Record Management

Handles student registration; the collection of student pertinent information.

Staff Record Management

Keep a comprehensive list of all school staff and their pertinent information.

Result Computation And Management

Compute students’ results optimized with speed and accuracy.

Short Messaging Service And Email

Ease of information dissemination via SMS and Email.

Data Backup

Periodic data back-up to an offline storage device.

Hostel Management

Manage the hostel accommodation, allocation and services.

Payment Management

Register all fees and charges due for payment to the school, generate payment receipt and sort out defaulters.

Statistical Report Generation

Generate statistical reports e.g. gender ratio, enrolment, performance per class etc.

Admission Application And Management

Automates all admission processes.

Parent Portal

Parents can keep a tab on academic and behavioral progress of their wards from their laptop, desktop and handheld devices (Tablets, Mobile phones and other PDA’s).

Communication Book

Parents maintain a real-time daily/weekly conversation with their child’s class teacher on the conducts and academic progress of their wards.

Assignment Management

Students can access assignment questions and submit completed assignments online.

Computer Based Test

Your school will be able to conduct all tests and exams via the use of a computer set and synchronize the result on EDVES BASIC portal.

Educational Games

Adopt the concept of cognitive learning of a child with memory retention via games