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Wilco Restaurant POS

Wilco Restaurant POS software offers a complete restaurant/bar management system with POS, inventory, order, kitchen, tables that can be adapted to meet unique restaurant business requirements for Fine Dining Restaurants, Bars & Lounges, Discos & Nightclubs, Food Courts, Take Away, Home Delivery, Fast Food, Confectionery and Cafeterias to improve in-stock positions, increase profit and better customer service while reducing labor costs, and decrease operation costs.


Table Organization & Management
  • Optimizing seat distribution by wait-listing functionalities
  • Instantly tracking orders for better efficacy in kitchen and order management
  • Back-office Management
  • Order Processing
  • Advanced Cash Control
  • Corporate reporting
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Time-Crunched Solutions
  • Ordering quick meals on the go or from your table
  • Allowing quick orders by simplest GUI and minimum clicks
  • Point of Sales
  • Touch screen bar and restaurant automation system
  • Easy access on tablet for waiter to process order
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